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endoscopische-behandeling-hond-dierenartsen-van-het-zichtEndoscopy allows the veterinary doctor to look inside the body of your pet and to see organs that cannot be seen normally. The advantage of endoscopy is that no incision needs to be made like in a surgical operation. As the procedure for your pet is small, they recover much faster and get back on their feet faster. Endoscopy helps us diagnose and is also used for treating a variety of intestinal disorders. Depending on the symptoms, endoscopy can be used in the nose (nasal passages and sinus cavities), throat (larynx and trachea), oesophagus, stomach, intestines, abdomen and chest cavity. Endoscopic biopsies can be taken from the stomach and intestines and can help in finding cancer in the oesophagus and stomach. There are customised endoscopes for each area or organ. However, all types of endoscopes use a cold light source and a fibre optic cable between the area under examination and the picture that has to be taken. Pets sometimes swallow objects. These objects can sometimes be removed through the endoscope.