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ecg--diagram-dierenarts-marvanECG (electrocardiogram or ECG) is used to check the function of your pet's heart. The heart pumps blood around the body by the heart muscle as it contracts and relaxes. The heart muscle is controlled by an electrical signal. We can monitor this electrical signal with the ECG equipment. If there is something wrong with the heart function of your pet, there is an incorrect transmission of the electrical signal in the heart. Making an ECG does not hurt your pet, but he or she must be able to remain calm during the measurements. If your pet is laid on its side, the veterinarian or assistant will attach clamps to each paw. These are connected with wires to the ECG. Making an ECG usually takes much less than five minutes.

In some cases, further research is needed to determine what heart disease your pet has. This can be done by a vet using an ultrasound or X-rays. Often, after we assess the ECG we prescribe medications to support your pet's heart and ensure that the heart continues to function properly. Even if your pet is taking medication, it is wise to occasionally re-check with the ECG that this medicine is working properly for your pet.