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Wendy Kuijpers

My name is Wendy Kuijpers and I am 23 years old. Me and my boyfriend own two sweet but naughty cats. My parents are allergic to animals, but that never stopped me from being and working with animals all day, since i was a little girl. From horseback riding to picking up dogs in the neighborhood to walk and play with them.

That's why the choice to study for veterinary assistent wasn't too difficult for me. After my internship I have worked in several animal clinics to gain work experience. And recently I started working in Animal Emergency Clinic Het Zicht where I work with great pleasure. Most of all I think bescause of the variety and multifaceted work, basically every day is different and I never got a standard workday. You also never stop learning in this job and i can help animals and human!

Outside my work, I love being with my boyfriend and friends, I go shopping and I love traveling.