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Team Animal clinic Het Zicht

  • Dierenarts dr. O. Marvan

    My name is Oran Marvan. I dreamt about being a veterinarian since I was a young child, which is why I decided to study veterinary medicine at university. After completing my degree I went on to specialise in emergency and orthopaedic treatments of pets. Later, I also specialised in birds and exotic animals. I attended, and continue to attend, many workshops, training courses and conferences. I love my job, especially because of the variety of cases I get to work on. From one day to another I can turn from an internist to a gynaecologist, orthopaedist, surgeon or a radiologist for pets, birds and exotic animals.

    I am married to Simona and together we run the clinic. We have two children Emma and Adam and a dachshund named Noya. Outside of the clinic I love travelling, riding motorcycles skiing and playing tennis.

    Above all I love to help animals, to communicate with their owners and be a part of their journeys. I go to work with a smile every day :)

  • Dierenarts dr. S. Marvan PhD

    My name is Simona Marvan. Many of my family members are veterinarians, so I dreamt to become one too. I followed my dream and I graduated as a veterinarian in 2003. After graduation, I decided to continue studying and obtain my PhD. I have been drawn to behavioural, stress responses of animals and animal welfare the whole of my life.

    Together with my husband Oran, I have two children and a dachshund named Noya.For now, I am a full time mother, but I am available by appointment for a behavioural consultation for your cat or dog. Also, I can be your helping hand with the training of your dog.

    Furthermore, I am responsible for all the administration, accounting and public relations of the clinic. Last but not least: I like to run in my spare time and to ski during winter.

  • Dierenarts Denice Vermeulen

    My name is Denice Vermeulen and since October I am part of this amazing team. After graduating I left to Spain for two years, first working in the zoo of Barcelona, later in a veterinary hospital for companion animals. This is where I learned to speak Spanish fluently. Although I really enjoyed the weather in Spain, it was time for me to come back to my hometown. That's where I live now with my dog named Pimienta. When I'm not at work, I enjoy long walks with her in the forest or at the beach, having drinks in the sun and I love to travel. My special veterinarian interests are internal medicine, the geriatrical patient and exotic animals. Hope to see you soon!

    Mi nombre es Denice Vermeulen, desde octubre he formado parte de este equipo tan extraordinario. Después de haberme graduado, estuve en España por dos años, primero trabajando en el zoológico de Barcelona, y luego en el Hospital Veterinario para animales pequeños. En este ultimo fue donde aprendí hablar fluidamente el castellano. Aunque de verdad disfrute el clima en España, era el momento de volver a mi ciudad en Holanda, donde ahora vivo con mi perra "Pimienta". Cuando no estoy trabajando, disfruto caminatas largas con ella, en la playa o los bosques, aveces me gusta tomarme unos tragos en el sol y me encanta viajar cuando tengo suficiente tiempo. Mis intereses veterinarios son medicina interna, pacientes geriátricos y animales exóticos. Espero verlos pronto!

  • Dierenarts N. Ruijgrok

    I'm Natasja Ruijgrok

    I am working  as a veterinarian at Animal Clinic Het Zicht  and De Duinen since January 2017.

    I grew up in Scheveningen with lots of animals. Hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats, chickens, a horse and a Shetland pony belonged to our cozy livestock. It was not surprising that I wanted to be a veterinarian.

    In 2013 I graduated as a veterinarian at the University of Utrecht. During my study I specialized in pets.

    After my graduation I gained work experience at various veterinary clinics. For more than two and a half years I have worked at a clinic in the north of the country.

    My roots are in the Hague, that is the reason why I wanted to move back to The Hague.

    Nowadays my dog, two cats and my boyfriend and I feel quite at home in our new home in the city.

    I feel happy working at veterinary clinic Het Zicht and De Duinen

    In my spare time I like to enjoy the sun at a terrace  with friends, walking the dog on the beach and snowboarding in winter.

  • Veterinary Sandy Groos-van Dijk

    I am Sandy Groos-van Dijk, married to Johan and mother of 3 children. At home, we have 2 lovebirds and a Labrador cross (Schenna) aged 8 years who accompanies me at the clinic regularly.

    After receiving my MAVO degree, I started with my training as an animal carer. For this study, I have had several internships at animal shops, asylums, animal rescue and at veterinary clinic "Het Zicht". During my training, I got the option to become a Para-veterinary. I took this chance and after a very busy year of 2 trainings at the same time (including the corresponding internships), I passed both of them.

    I was offered a job at veterinary clinic "Het Zicht" directly after graduation and I still enjoy working here after 12 years. Over the years, I attended many refreshers to stay up to date. I'm working part-time and on Thursdays, my main activity is trimming cats. Also, I'm very interested in our ultrasound device and in the near future, I will certainly attend some extra training to specialise in ultrasound.

  • Paraveterinair Anouk de Hoop

    My name is Anouk de Hoop and I live together with my Toy Australian Shepherd Charley, Ragdoll cat Bailey and Thai Siamese cat Amy.

    In 2008 I have graduated in Holland College as a veterinary assistant. After graduation I have worked as a team manager in animal shop for 6 years. During this years I have worked in partime as a veterinarinary assistent in different veterinary clinics.

    In my free time I like to take a pictures and I do agility with my dog Charley.

  • Paraveterinair Wendy Kuijpers

    My name is Wendy Kuijpers and I am 23 years old. Me and my boyfriend own two sweet but naughty cats. My parents are allergic to animals, but that never stopped me from being and working with animals all day, since i was a little girl. From horseback riding to picking up dogs in the neighborhood to walk and play with them.

    That's why the choice to study for veterinary assistent wasn't too difficult for me. After my internship I have worked in several animal clinics to gain work experience. And recently I started working in Animal Emergency Clinic Het Zicht where I work with great pleasure. Most of all I think bescause of the variety and multifaceted work, basically every day is different and I never got a standard workday. You also never stop learning in this job and i can help animals and human!

    Outside my work, I love being with my boyfriend and friends, I go shopping and I love traveling.

  • Paraveterinair Anouk van Wissen

    My name is Anouk van Wissen and I love working in this practice.

    I know since I was little that I want to work with animals. In 2003 I graduated and got my diploma and since then I am working as veterinary assistant. Till now I still love my job. I also own a grooming salon for dogs so I can also interact and share my love with animals.

    Before I started working as veterinary assistant I did al lot volunteer work at an animal shelter. I did my internship at a petstore and also at a lot of different animal clinics. One of them was an orthopedic clinic wher I learned a lot that I can use now.

    In the 13 years after my education I followed a lot of courses to stay updated with the latest technics and give the best care possible.

    In my free time I like to go to the gym, go on holidays and walking with my dog. I also own two cats.