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Our animalclinic

Welcome to the website of Veterinary Clinic "Het Zicht", an Animal Emergency Clinic in The Hague! Veterinary Clinic "Het Zicht" is a clinic for small pets, birds and exotics, but it is also an emergency clinic. You can reach the emergency vet 24 hours a day from Monday untill Thursday (including bank holidays).


In case of an emergency you can always contact the veterinarian at our phone number: 070-3660701.

Animals can be treated by a veterinarian at our clinic at all times, also when immediate treatment is required. You don't need to go to a different place then you are accustomed to.

The clinic is located near "de Stede" and near the "Leyweg", at the following address: Het Zicht 61-63 in The Hague. Veterinary Clinic "Het Zicht" offers veterinary treatment for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, rodents, and exotics in and near The Hague. We offer complete veterinary care for your pet, including health certificates, behavioural problems, veterinary diagnoses, surgery and orthopaedic treatments.

Safety and comfort of your pet has our first priority. Veterinary Clinic "Het Zicht" is a full service clinic. Our veterinarians treat your pet with utmost care. We apply the newest veterinary medical technologies and work with a team of loving and kind-hearted para-veterinarians. Our veterinarians and para-veterinarians attend several trainings each year to keep their knowledge up-to-date about the newest developments in veterinarian medicines. We embrace new technologies and believe that continued training results in the best possible care for your pet.

We understand that your pet is an important member of your family. Therefore, we try to maintain and enforce the bonding you have with your pet at Veterinary Clinic "Het Zicht".

Our Clinic has two separated waiting rooms, so you can sit in an isolated room when your pet is very stressed.


Embracing the highest level of technological developments and new knowledge, allows us to achieve our goal to deliver your pet the highest level of surgery and medical & orthopaedic treatment. To be able to deliver honesty and care, it is important for us to watch ourselves through the patients' eyes continuously, a patient who is only able to understand that we are there to calm and help. Relieve of pain and discomfort has our first priority. We aim for minimal separation of the animal and the people they love.

"We know that you don't care how much we know, until you know how much we care!"