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Xam - Skin problems

Xam is a dog that has been treated against skin problems for four years at another clinic. Xam was suffering of severe itching, pain and pus over his whole body. He was physically exhausted and his skin was smelly. Nobody in the neighbourhood wanted their dog to play with Xam. The owners had become desperate from all this and were afraid that Xam had to be euthanatized eventually.

Their last hope was a second opinion by Dr. O. Marvan.

After the dog had been examined, Dr. Marvan started a treatment with medicines and a special diet. This resulted in a correction of the immune system and improvement of the metabolism. Nowadays, Xam is a very happy and healthy dog. He plays with other dogs as before, doesn't smell anymore and his skin and fur have been fully cured. His owners are glad that they have given this treatment a chance and still enjoy Xam each day.