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Rambo - Several complaints

Rambo is a bearded dragon which was brought to our clinic with several complaints.

The main problem was that Rambo didn't want to eat.

Furthermore, he had some strange discolorations over his body. He received some antibiotics from Dr. O. Marvan to exclude a bacterial infection and furthermore he was put on a special diet to regain strength.

About a week later, Rambo had returned to our clinic. This time, he had a thick leg and he still didn't have a good appetite. It was decided that Rambo would get stronger antibiotics and that the owner had to continue with feeding Rambo.

Luckily for Rambo, the antibiotics worked this time and he felt much better again. His leg returned to its normal thickness, to colour of his skin turned normal and he started to eat on his own. Nowadays, Rambo is doing very well and he enjoys his meal of crickets and worms again.