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Kira - broken leg

Kira came to our clinic with a lot of pain and she couldn't stand on her own leg.

Dr. Marvan immediately took some x-ray photos, which clearly showed that Kira's leg was broken. It was decided to perform surgery on Kira and to stabilize with orthopaedic pins.

Also, Kira received antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers to take home.

The next day, we got a call that Kira was feeling much better and that she even had started jumping again. After four weeks, the pins were removed. Kira is now walking on both legs and is able to play with her owner without pain again.

You can see at the x-ray taken after surgery, that the orthopaedic pin has been placed in the bone. This pin has been secured by external fixation. This way, the bone has a chance to heal.