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Henkie - Clipping and nails cutting, beak correction

It is recommended to have your bird's nails and wings treated thoroughly once in three months.

We often notice at our clinic that people tried to clip their bird themselves, but that they do it wrong. At our clinic, we clip the birds so that when the bird jumps, it can still land and therefore doesn't just drop down.

When you cut the nails to short, they might start bleeding. It is important in such a case, that the bleeding is stopped in a proper and safe way. However, when the nails are too long, the blood vessel inside the nail continues to grow and you will not be able to cut the nail as short anymore.

Therefore, it is important not to wait for a long time to have the nails cut.

Some birds have a wrong position of the beak which causes one half of the beak to grow faster than the other half. This eventually results that your bird won't be able to eat. Especially with these birds, it is very important to come to our clinic on time to have the beak of your bird corrected in the right shape. 

We can treat birds that get stressed a lot under sedation if necessary.