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Ultrasound for pets

Dierenkliniek Het Zicht has an advanced ultrasound machine so that we can also use this imaging technique to establish a diagnosis or possible pregnancy. Echo is a pain-free, non-invasive technique that uses high frequency sound waves to form a moving image of your pet's internal organs. Sound waves are not harmful to your pet.

dierenarts voert echografisch onderzoek uit

Ultrasound is used for a wide range of diagnoses. It is mainly useful for the examination of the intestines, kidneys, liver and for a pregnancy examination. The ultrasound is also used to examine heart function and to take scans of the bladder in case of bladder disease.

By means of ultrasound, the veterinarian can reveal the shape, structure and location of various organs. The ultrasound can also help us better prepare for possible surgery, such as knee or cruciate ligament surgery.

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