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ECG for pets

The ECG (electrocardiogram or heart film) is used to monitor the function of your pet's heart. The heart pumps blood around the body as the heart muscle contracts and relaxes. The heart muscle is controlled by an electrical signal. We can make this electrical signal with the ECG equipment. When there is a rhythm disorder, there is actually a disorder in the transmission of the electrical signal to the heart.

ecg-diagram dierenarts marvan

Making an ECG does not hurt your pet, but he or she should be able to lie still at the time of the measurements.

When your pet is laid on his side, the vet or assistant will attach clamps to each leg. These are connected to the ECG with wires. Making an ECG usually doesn't take much longer than five minutes.

In some cases further research is needed to determine what kind of heart condition your pet has. For example, the vet can do this by means of an ultrasound or an X-ray.

Often, after assessing the ECG, we can immediately prescribe the right medication to support the heart in its function. Even if your pet is already on medication, it is wise to check with the ECG from time to time whether this medication still works adequately for your pet.

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