Sandy van Dijk

Vet Nurse

Sandy van Dijk
Sandy van Dijk Vet Nurse

I am Sandy Groos-van Dijk, married to Johan and mother of three children. At home, we have two lovebirds and a Labrador cross (Schenna) who accompanies me at the clinic regularly.

After receiving my MAVO degree, I started with my training as an animal carer. For this study, I have had several internships at animal shops, asylums, animal rescue and at veterinary clinic "Het Zicht". During my training, I got the option to become a Para-veterinary. I took this chance and after a very busy year of 2 trainings at the same time (including the corresponding internships), I passed both of them.

I was offered a job at veterinary clinic "Het Zicht" directly after graduation and I still enjoy working here after 12 years. Over the years, I attended many refreshers to stay up to date. I'm working part-time and on Thursdays, my main activity is trimming cats. Also, I'm very interested in our ultrasound device and in the near future, I will certainly attend some extra training to specialise in ultrasound.