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  • Kira - broken leg
  • Mick - bursitis and muscle trauma
  • Peanut - Broken right rear leg
  • Xam - Skin problems
  • PC - Elbow luxation
  • Dunya - Dorsal hernia
  • Henkie - Clipped wings and cut nails, beak correction
  • Rambo - Several complaints
  • Dana - Torn cruciate ligament and meniscus
  • Luna - Cranial cruciate rupture

Kira - broken leg

Kira came to our clinic with a lot of pain and she couldn't stand on her own leg. Dr. Marvan immediately took some x-ray photos, which clearly showed that Kira's leg was broken. It was decided to perform surgery on Kira and to stabilize with orthopaedic pins. Also, Kira received antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers to take home.

The next day, we got a call that Kira was feeling much better and that she even had started jumping again. After four weeks, the pins were removed. Kira is now walking on both legs and is able to play with her owner without pain again.

You can see in the X-ray taken after surgery, that the orthopaedic pin has been placed in the bone. This pin has been secured by external fixation. This way, the bone has a chance to heal.

Mick - bursitis and muscle trauma

A harris hawk from Rotterdam Airport works together with his falconers to keep passengers inside aircraft safe. They do this by keeping the airspace bird free. Mick (the name of the bird) along with other birds are dotting the area around the airport. This way other birds stay at bay.

Because Mick always works hard and uses his claws a lot he got a painful bulge. After examination by Dr O. Marvan they discovered Mick had Bursitis.

After an injection and medication Mick's health got better very rapidly. After some rest Mick is now working again at the airport. Here he performs his job as if he never quit.

Peanut - Broken right rear leg

Peanut was on holiday in Germany with his owner. From one moment to the next, Peanut disappeared. A while later the owner found him again with a twisted leg. Peanut had probably been hit by a car. In Germany a veterinarian gave first aid. The vet had given Peanut a plaster. However, this did not go well.

Once at home in the Netherlands, the owner went to the vet near his home. This veterinarian sent Peanut to Dierenkliniek Het Zicht for a second opinion on orthopaedic problems. After an x-ray and check-up it appeared that the knee of the cat was broken.

After a long operation with orthopaedic screws, we reconstructed the ligaments, the knee capsule and the bones. You can find more information about cruciate ligament surgery or knee surgery in dogs here.

Peanut is now completely fine and can walk again as usual.

Xam - Skin problems

Xam is a dog that has been treated against skin problems for four years at another clinic. Xam was suffering from severe itching, pain and pus over his whole body. He was physically exhausted and his skin was smelly. Nobody in the neighbourhood wanted their dog to play with Xam. The owners had become desperate from all this and were afraid that Xam had to be euthanatised eventually. Their last hope was a second opinion by Dr. O. Marvan.

After the dog had been examined, Dr. Marvan started a treatment with medicines and a special diet. This resulted in a correction of the immune system and improvement of the metabolism. Nowadays, Xam is a very happy and healthy dog. He plays with other dogs as before, doesn't smell anymore and his skin and fur have been fully cured. His owners are glad that they have given this treatment a chance and still enjoy Xam each day.

PC - Elbow luxation

PC fell down from the second floor and was sent by another veterinarian for an orthopaedic second opinion. He couldn't walk or even use his leg. Also, there was some uncertainty whether the organs had been damaged due to the fall. After a check-up and a series of x-ray photos, the diagnosis was that the elbow was luxated and that the capsule was broken. Dr. Marvan and the para-veterinarians decided to reconstruct the elbow so PC could keep using his leg.

Nowadays, he runs and plays with pleasure and jumps in the boat of his owner. 

This photograph has been taken before surgery. You can clearly see that the elbow is dislocated.

Dunya - Dorsal hernia

Dunya was brought in to Veterinary Clinic "Het Zicht" as an emergency by Animal Rescue The Hague. He wasn't able to walk by himself and was brought in on a stretcher. Dunya turned his leg badly, which caused a dorsal hernia. This was diagnosed after taking x-ray photographs. His hind legs were fully paralysed.

After putting the vertebras back where they belonged, a treatment with medicines was started. During this period, Dunya's body had to be supported while Dunya was walking. After a year, Dunya had fully recovered and now walks like nothing has happened.

Henkie - Clipped wings and cut nails, beak correction

It is recommended to have your bird's nails and wings treated thoroughly once every three months.

We often notice at our clinic that people tried to clip their bird themselves, but that they do it wrong. At our clinic, we clip the birds so that when the bird jumps, it can still land and therefore doesn't just drop down.

When you cut the nails to short, they might start bleeding. It is important in such a case, that the bleeding is stopped in a proper and safe way. However, when the nails are too long, the blood vessel inside the nail continues to grow and you will not be able to cut the nail as short anymore.

Therefore, it is important not to wait for a long time to have the nails cut.

Some birds have a wrong position of the beak which causes one half of the beak to grow faster than the other half. This eventually results in your bird not being able to eat. Especially with these birds, it is very important to come to our clinic on time to have the beak of your bird corrected in the right shape. 

We can treat birds that get stressed a lot under sedation if necessary.

Rambo - Several complaints

Rambo is a bearded dragon which was brought to our clinic with several complaints.

The main problem was that Rambo didn't want to eat.

Furthermore, he had some strange discolorations over his body. He received some antibiotics from Dr. O. Marvan to exclude a bacterial infection and furthermore he was put on a special diet to regain strength.

About a week later, Rambo had returned to our clinic. This time, he had a thick leg and he still didn't have a good appetite. It was decided that Rambo would get stronger antibiotics and that the owner had to continue with feeding Rambo.

Luckily for Rambo, the antibiotics worked this time and he felt much better again. His leg returned to its normal thickness, the colour of his skin turned normal and he started to eat on his own. Nowadays, Rambo is doing very well and he enjoys his meal of crickets and worms again.

Dana - Torn cruciate ligament and meniscus

Dana came to us as a pup in the clinic. At an age of about four years Dana got problems with her knee. After examination it appeared that the meniscus in Dana's knee was broken. It was decided to operate on the knee and remove the torn meniscus, so that Dana would no longer feel any pain and the joint would be able to function properly again. The cruciate ligament also turned out to be torn, so an artificial cross ligament was placed in Dana's knee. Read more about our cruciate ligament operations in dogs or knee operations in dogs.

Because of arthrosis in her hip joint Dana received a maintenance dosage of pain relief after this operation. Dana is still using this at the moment.

Approximately 30% of the dogs with knee problems, eventually also get complaints on the other knee. This also happened to Dana in the end.

At the age of 6,5 Dana came back to us with pain complaints. After a thorough physical examination and taking X-rays, we could see that a cartilage splinter had come off the kneecap. There was also severe arthrosis in the hip and leg (near the knee). In consultation with the owner it was decided to operate on this knee as well. During this operation an artificial cross ligament was also placed for extra strength as this cross ligament was also torn.

Dana can run and play with the ball again like she always did.

Below you can see how Dana is doing after the operation by means of pictures:

  Day 3: First day without bandages
  Day 5: First time carefully standing up
  Day 6: First steps
  Day 12: Standing and walking more sturdy
  Day 14: Stitches removed and fur is starting to grow back
  Dana is able to walk again and no longer has knee pains

Luna - Cranial cruciate rupture

Luna is a Spinone Italiona of almost 7 years. At the beginning of 2011 Luna walked into the practice with a limp.

X-rays were taken. They showed a lot of arthosis and there was too much fluid in the joint. Veterinarian O. Marvan also saw that the cruciate ligament and meniscus were torn. In consultation with her owners it was decided to do an operation. Here a new plastic cruciate ligament was placed to replace the old one. 

After the operation Luna recovered quickly and she is running on the beach again like never before.

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