Veterinary clinic in The Hague: Het Zicht

We are a veterinary clinic for pets, birds and exotic animals. We have experienced bird doctors, an animal pension and an emergency doctor.

We are openend on Sundays as well!

Make an appointment for the vet

Make an appointment for the vet

The veterinary clinic Het Zicht is a professional clinic in The Hague with expert vets and experienced evian and parrot doctors. We take care of big and small pets such as dogs, cats, birds and rodents. We give you and your pet personal care of the highest quality.

We perform a vast array of veterinary treatments such as diagnostic testing and surgeries. Our specialities include knee operations and ligament surgery for dogs.

Make an appointment to see one of our vets.

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Our opening hours

Our opening hours

Monday: 09.00-18.30
Tuesday: 09.00-17.00
Wednesday: 09.00-18.30
Thursday: 09.00-18.30
Friday: 09.00-17.00
Saturday: 12.00-14.00
Sunday: 11.00-13.00

Het Zicht is open seven days a week. If you don’t have an appointment, we also offer a walk in service where you can come in with your pet and wait to be seen.

Call our clinic for more information and advice.

Call: 070 366 0701

Our location in The Hague

Our location in The Hague

Animal clinic Het Zicht
Het Zicht 61-63
2543 AK Den Haag
070 366 0701

Our emergency vet is from Monday untill Thursday 24/7 available for all emergencies.

Emergency Vet

Professional Veterinary Clinic

Veterincary Clinic: Het Zicht is the vet of choice in The Hague for small pets.

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Experienced evian doctor

Het Zicht is the only bird clinic for parrots in South Holland. Dr O. Marvan is an experienced evian and parrot doctor.

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Experienced Vets

Our team at Het Zicht consists of experienced vets that treat your pets with care. We can perform a multitude of services including diagnostic testing and operative treatments.

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